The triumph of Falstaff

On 17 February 2002 there was Premiere of opera G. Verdi ''Falstaff'' in Great Theatre in Lodz. Musical management: Marco Balderi. Opera was prepared by Theatre on the occasion of 35 Years of Existence, and first of all was triumph of Zbigniew Macias, creator of title part. In opinion of Italian conductor Marco Balderi, Zbigniew Macias is in this moment the best renderer part of Falstaff in Europe .

Porgy and Bess

In November 2001, artist sang party of Porgy in Polish Premiere of opera ''Porgy and Bess'' G. Gershwin, conducted by Yacov Bergman, in Great Theatre in Lodz.

Nautical Ballads

Macias' latest recording can be surprise to many people, who know his former artistic life. He released CD containing 12 Nautical Ballads. Particularly interesting is the fact that four of them are composed and their words are written by himself! Please listen to few of them ...

Nabucco in China

Polish National Opera House showed his ''Nabucco'' during IV Benjing Music Festival in Pekin. The article, published in Chinadaily, describing this unusual event is available in the section reviews.
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